Single screw pumps

Also known as 

  • Single Helical Rotor Pump
  • Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Eccentric Screw Pump

Working Principle

The pump design consists of a single helical external threaded metallic rotor that rotates eccentrically inside a double helical internal threaded elastomeric stator of the same minor diameter and twice the pitch length.
Interference fit between the metallic rotor and the elastomeric stator form a series of sealed cavities 180° apart, that progresses from suction to the discharge end as the rotor rotates inside the resilient stator, thereby gently carrying the medium. 

Salient Features of Single Screw Pumps 

  • Capability to handle high solid contents with fibres & solid particles up to 40mm size.
  • Capability to have high suction lift (up to 8.5 mwc).
  • Capability of variation in flow rate by just changing the pump speed.
  • Good self priming properties even with air or gas inclusion.
  • Capability to develop high-pressure heads.
  • Capability to deliver very accurate dosages given appropriate drive controls.
  • Lower fluid velocity and so lower wear rate.
  • Simple construction and high reliability of operation.
  • Easy and quite maintenance, which does not require any special tools.
  • Steady and smooth flow enhances negligible pulsation.
  • No foaming.
  • No foot value is required.
  • High efficiency for viscous fluids resulting in higher saving of power.
  • Pressure head is independent of speed while capacity is dependent on speed.

Single Screw Pumps in Tanneries
Are used basically in the Effluent Treatment Plant & Chrome Recovery Plant 

Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Sludge Transfer to Drying Beds
  • Sludge Transfer to Filter Press
  • Coagulant Dosing
  • Other Chemical Dosing

Chrome Recovery Plant

  • Basic Chrome Transfer
  • Spent Chrome Transfer

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